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Monday, February 23, 2015

Let 'Em Pick: Random Background Events

So: the plan, as previously reported, is to compile and edit some of the old blog material into useful PDFs for free download. This is before I even try to create commercial material.

The subhex material was slated to be first, but it's around 12 to 15 pages. I needed something shorter to put together quickly to get some LaTeX experience and work out most of my design decisions, so that layout on the subhex material won't be as hairy.

And then I remember some people had also asked for a re-release of the random background event table. The idea is: let players choose between 3d6 in order or just picking whatever scores they want, but then rolling for a random, possibly mildly bad, event that happened just before the character's decision to adventure. None of the events will undo the player's ability score picks, so they get to maintain their character concept.

The PDF is now ready for download: Let 'Em Pick.

I checked the PDF on both my desktop computer and on an Android tablet in a couple different PDF viewers, so it should be OK.

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