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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Progress: SubHex Wilderness Crawl

I've been working on the subhex crawl material for Justin Alexander and I'm pretty much finished with the writing part, although I'd like to do some touch-ups in a couple places, plus I may have to write some examples. This took me longer than I planned. I figured I would just be compiling all the subhex posts, re-arranging paragraphs, rewording some things. Just a quick clean-up!

It turned out there was a lot more to do.

I wasn't entirely happy with the way some of the rolls worked. each step basically used its own, unique procedure, which made it harder to understand. There's a lot more uniformity now, although I may add an optional section reminescent of the original which would describe a "quick roll" method.

Another hitch in the plans: In the original posts, I just made suggestions on what kinds of landmarks or vegetation might exist. As I edited, I realized I needed tables for these. Not as elaborate as the tables planned for LMGM #1, but there's quite a bit more detail now. The new landmark table is essentially the same as the one in the hex/hexless random wilderness posts, but I made some changes... which will also be included in the PDF for hex/hexless wilderness generation.

The main thing left to do is some diagrams and formatting. I've been doing test prints with LaTeX, but not all the layout is acceptable yet. One table floated to the next page even though there was plenty of room, for example.

It's kind of ugly, still, but I feel strangely thrilled looking at it.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm finishing up the example and layout, and doing some illustrations. It will be ready soon.

    2. In fact, I just decided to ditch the extended example, which is where most of the illustrations were, so that speeds things up. It was getting longer than the main text, anyways. I think all my illos are done (there aren't many.) It's just layout that's left.