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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Our Infernal Neighbors

Some time ago, I did some posts about eliminating all the planes and just assuming that there were two fantastic physical states, ethereal and astral, and every otherworldly location was really a physical location, possibly inside a mountain or up in the clouds, populated by ethereal or astral beings who build things out of ethereal or astral matter. And then I rewrote demons, devils and other infernal creatures to simplify them, trim powers, and fit them into this "zero plane" cosmology and a single axis Law/Chaos alignment scheme.

Since I've gotten a few calls for a reprint of this material, it was one of my goals for the free PDF series. And now, it's done: Our Infernal Neighbors: Simple, Alternate Otherworldly Creatures for a Cosmos without Planes. It seemed to take forever, because I did a lot of rewriting and added some material on the Fae as another full infernal variety. And then the formatting and layout took way longer than I'd planned, but I think I'm getting closer to a final look.

I'm  hoping there are few if any typos. I'm pretty sure I caught the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes early on, but I started getting tired near the end.

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  1. I did that too. Just Spiritworld and the Void, and that's it. It really is good enough unless you want to do some kind of Heaven and Hell plot or Planescape.