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Friday, April 14, 2017

Pre-Loaded Random Non-Linear Example: Blood of Prokopius

I've been sick for the last few days and unable to write the next installment of the random non-linear dungeon series, so I'll instead link to an example dungeon by FrDave at the Blood of Prokopius blog: The Sunken Halls of the Ape Brotherhood. This uses the leximorph-based pre-loading method to establish the main corridor structure, although instead of randomly-selecting letters using a table, he picked the letters "A", "P", and "E" from the most important descriptive keyword in the dungeon title.

The main thing I'll note is the loops and branching paths, which is what we are looking for in these methods. If entering from the south, there are three routes to choose from, all of which can connect to the same areas, forming a large loop: westwards from the western or middle branch to the apex of the "A", northwards through the flooded chambers, then southwards to the Bizarre Ice Gateway and out the eastern branch of the "E". There are several smaller loops as well: the apex of the "A" and the entire "A" form nesting triangular loops (although you'd have to clear some debris in one area,) the square loop of the "P", the loop(s) between the middle and eastern branches of the "E", and multiple loops of rooms off to the side of the major corridors.

On the whole, very loopy! And a tough environment, too!

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