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Saturday, January 26, 2019

January 2019 Blog Maintenance

As part of my blog renovation, I fixed my page for maps. I moved all the old, crufty maps I no longer like to the end, moved the geomorphs up, and added links to some forgotten one-page modules that I actually like quite a bit, so I’m not sure why they were missing. These are all “mega-dungeon plug-in modules”, designed to be used in a mega-dungeon as sublevels or as part of a larger level. Just plug them into your dungeon, or draw up a rudimentary entrance and use them as stand-alone dungeons.

All links should be working, but let me know if any are broken. That seems to happen a lot with sites like Google Drive or Box.

A smaller renovation I did this weekend: changed a blurb in the sidebar about the 20-sided Quickies to include a link to the Quickie Dice Tool, which I revisted a night or two ago and thought “Why did I stop using this?”

I should do more with this. I’m working on some ideas.

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