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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Generic Bandit Tower Pamphlet Dungeon PDF

There was no Map Monday yesterday, but the map is finished now. It’s another trifold pamphlet dungeon, this time a Generic Bandit Tower.

Wait, what?

As I completed my first three pamphlet towers, in the back of my mind I was still thinking of the plan I mentioned in the Semi-Random Maps post. There would be a lot of towers, and the PCs are searching for a particular tower. Furthermore, just in case the players have seen one of the Watchtower series pamphlets, there had to be a way to avoid giving away which tower was which… so there has to be more than one example of an intact tower, more than one crumbling tower, more than one completely ruined tower, and so on. I didn’t want players to say “The tower is intact? Oh, OK, it’s CorpseBrood Tower” and have an immediate plan to deal with it. There needed to be an incentive to investigate further.

So what I wanted was some generic towers with randomized content to act as red herrings. The Generic Bandit Tower is the first of these. The above-ground levels are nearly identical for each bandit tower, but the race of bandits is different for each tower, and the leaders can be of still another race. Plus, the dungeon level is mildly randomized, too, and there’s a chance that the dungeon of one tower has a connection to the dungeon of another nearby tower. It makes exploring the towers just a tiny bit more interesting.

I plan on releasing another generic tower pamphlet this week.


  1. Another awesome pamphlet. You are getting really good at these! I am linking folks here again this week on my blog/podcast.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I am behind on my map stuff, but I plan on two more "generic" towers and maybe some other tower-related pamphlets. Keep your eyes peeled!