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Monday, October 21, 2019

Demonic Dangers Dungeon Expander Pamphlet PDF

Here is the promised map for this week, another spooky Dungeon Expander offering for October: Demonic Dangers, a pamphlet dungeon for mid-level characters (at least 4th level, but perhaps 6th or higher would be better.) It took longer than usual to make the dungeon because I put a little more work into the cover illustration (and into the map itself, for that matter.) I probably should not be wasting this much time on the illustrations, but at least I’m learning a lot more about SketchUp.

Demonic Dangers features random simplified demons. Since the standard D&D demon descriptions are too long to include in a pamphlet dungeon, and even my condensed demon descriptions from Our Infernal Neighbors would take up too much space, I went with a mix-and-match approach using the standard animal encounters that are also in the dungeon. Demonic abilities are short and improvised. You can, of course, replace the demons in the pamphlet with whatever demon write-ups you usually use.

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