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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Wandering Monster: Ash Cloud Wight

In the Cryptic Catacombs pamphlet I released on Monday, I added unique new undead to two specific rooms. For Hallowe’en season, I decided to do full write-ups of both here on the blog. I did the Ghostly Wight already. Now it’s time for the Ash Cloud Wight.

Ash Cloud Wight (Hateful Intangible Undead Cloud)
1 to 3; 3+2 Dice, Heavy Armor, Move 9/18, 1+3 dice Damage, cloud form, life drain, undead immunities

An Ash Cloud Wight is the hate-filled undead creature that remains after human beings or certain powerful undead are incinerated alive. Ash Cloud Wights are not ethereal They are swirling whirlwinds of ash and dust that smell of smoke and burning flesh. They can fly short distances, but rarely do so outdoors.

The touch of an Ash Cloud Wight drains one level, exactly as for an ordinary Wight, and leaves a red mark resembling a mild burn. Those engulfed by the wight are choked by the ash. A save vs. poison reduces this to half damage.

Because of its intangible form, an Ash Cloud Wight is harder to hit than ordinary walking corpses. It also takes half damage from ordinary weapons and attacks, but full damage from silver and magic weapons.

Because it has been killed once by fire and still retains a fiery nature, it is immune to fire. However, it takes 1d6 damage per minute from rain or other precipitation and half that from a strong wind. It cannot fly under those weather conditions.

An Ash Cloud Wight has the standard undead immunities to sleep and charm, has no need for food, water, or air, and flees the sunlight. A bucket of water can do 1 point of damage on a successful hit and prevent it from flying for 1d6 rounds.

Ash Cloud Wights have the same treasure as other Wights, but never have scrolls or potions and have 2d6 additional gems.

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