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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Wandering Monster: Ghost Paws

A surprise slightly spooky monster for October. Based on real life experience!

Ghost Paws (Ghostly Ethereal Beast)
2 to 12; 3 Dice, Medium/Extreme Armor, Move 15, 1+2 dice Damage; invisible, drain breath

Animal ghosts that prey on sleeping people. Ghost paws are generally invisible, but avoid the daylight, where there is a 5+ on 1d6 chance of spotting a dark fast-moving blur in the air. When seen this way, their effective armor is Medium. Otherwise, their armor is Extreme. They will not engage anyone during the day, but if characters move through their area, those with a High mental score (13+) have a 5+ on 1d6 chance of feeling something brush against their legs, alerting them to the presence of an invisible entity.

At night, Ghost Paws will approach a group if at least one person is sleeping. Anyone awake will have a chance of sensing their movement as noted. The spirit will jump stealthily onto a bed or walk across a sleeping bag, again, barely detectable (5+ on 1d6 chance, automatic for those with a High mental score.) If undetected, they surprise the victim automatically.

A Ghost Paws attacks by sucking the breath from their victim, doing half damage (2 to 4 points) every round automatically until attacked or the victim wakes. Afterwards, they do full damage with ethereal claw strikes, but must make normal attack rolls.

They take only half damage from ordinary weapons, but full damage from magic or silver weapons. If attacked by an ethereal creature or something able to attack ethereal creatures, they get no immunity and have no armor.

Unless guarding a haunted location, treasure will be incidental only, items left by victims.

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