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Friday, October 18, 2019

Wandering Monster: Lumberjack Wolves

The forest really does need more custom beast threats.

Lumberjack Wolf (Aggressive Arboreal Predatory Beast)
2 to 12; 1+2 Dice, Light Armor, Move 12/6 leap/3 burrow, 1+2 dice Damage, ambush, treefelling

Pack predators with uncanny tree climbing and leaping abilities and a unnatural taste for wood. Instead of canine teeth, they have enlarged front teeth resembling beavers. Lumberjack wolves can climb trees to hide in the leaves, much like Drop-Wolves. If they ambush prey from above, it doubles their surprise chances (3+ on 1d6, instead of 5+) and does an extra 1d6 damage on the initial attack, if successful.

However, the lumberjack wolf’s preferred attack is to use deadfalls, They can chew through wood with their massive teeth, even burrow through wooden walls, With the element of surprise, they can drop logs and branches from above, doing 3d6 damage (half that on a successful save.) If they do not surprise their prey, the trap is easily avoided, but may cause other problems: blocking escape routes, destroying campsites.

If seriously threatened, a lumberjack wolf can leap into the trees to escape, jumping from treetop to treetop at Move 6 speed.

Lumberjack wolves and timber wolves are mutual enemies.

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  1. very usable man! would be cool to call them "the lumberjacks" as in a forest mystrious people and never really tell what is dropping the logs on them until they manage to catch one.