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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Behind the Scenes: Pamphlet Changes

Just a note on the status of nuts-and-bolts RPG materials for this blog: It may be obvious that I’ve switched the blog focus more towards general RPG discussion, links to blog posts or other resources, and non-RPG media reviews. This doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working on useful RPG support materials, but I did find that working on that material over a series of blog posts involved a lot of effort and ate up a lot of time. And not just personal time, but also time spent on larger RPG projects I’ve been promising for a long time. Cranking out maps every week prevented me from finishing the random wilderness generation system and the Undead Neighbors/Infernal Neighbors supplements, for example. It just seems wiser to write lighter blog posts and do the hard work offstage.

One thing I’m working on behind the scenes is a refactor of the Liber Zero player and GM reference sheets. I think the leaflets are a pretty good idea and I like a lot of things about them, but I’ve seen a lot of room for improvement. Three of the goals I set for myself were to make the materials Fiction-Focused, Dice-Neutral, and Modular. There’s probably way too many tables in the leaflets if the goal is to keep players focused on the fiction first, possibly even ignoring rules. Where rules are mentioned, they should stick to dice-neutral references which get the basic idea across for the players, while allowing the GM to substitute their preferred table for handling that. And some of the optional material included in pamphlets should be moved into their own leaflets, fitting the modular goal.

I’m still working on rearranging some of this, but I may have some replacement pamphlets next month. The old pamphlets will still be available unless their contents become obsolete.

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