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The sidebar lists most of the tags used on this blog, which should be self-explanatory: RPG concepts like combat, magic, hp, and xp, tags for each of the main classes, tags for specific RPGs or supplements, and so on. A couple special tags are used for on-going series that I’ve done:

  • 4d6: experiments with rolling 4d6 and dropping 6s, for a range of 0 to 20.
  • 9and30: posts about the pseudomedieval setting I’ve used in my own campaigns and in examples.
  • d6-weapons: discussion and tips for using only 1d6 for most damage rolls, including tables for special effects determined by damage done.
  • lex and shorthand: two different approaches to generating dungeons from text (work in progressive, still very rough.)
  • mega: discussion of building and running a megadungeon, later revised and expanded under the underworld tag.
  • traps: short series about how traps might actually work.

I also create tags for major projects I’m working on, although some of the posts for those projects are no longer available: infernal for the Our Infernal Neighbors project, [undead][] for the Our Undying Neighbors project, and subhex for the as-yet unnnamed wilderness terrain generation project (see also wilderness.) All of these will eventually be available as PDFs, either here as free downloads or as pay-what-you-want via some online store. There will be more details later.

Miscellaneous tags, also possibly of interest:

  • badge: my own set of RPG genre badges, to go along with those RPG merit badges you may have seen on other blogs. Their badges and mine were all made with the set of 700 RPG icons posted by /u/Lorc.
  • cosmology: just a discussion about things like how the universe works, mostly of interest because that’s where I developed my idea of a no-planes cosmology.
  • dicemap: also known as drop-dice tables. See also or random for various other random generation suggestions table for traditional random tables.

Miscellaneous other posts that received a lot of attention or had interesting discussions:

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