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Monday, January 10, 2011

Clone Project: Fixing Treasure Table II

I want to compress the "wilderness" treasure table and make it more understandable/easier to use, in much the same way that I compressed and cleaned up the dungeon treasure table. One decision I've made is to abandon forcing the treasure rolls into a Target 20 format, but still use a d20 instead of percentile rolls. Another change I'd like to make is to reduce the categories to five and treat the others as subcategories (modifications to the main categories.) Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • Adventure in human-inhabited areas: 5/6/7 coin, 10/10 gems/jewelry, 8 other
  • Small Cache of treasure: 10/5/5 coin, 5/5 gems/jewelry, 2 other
  • Large Hoard of treasure: 5/10/15 coin, 5/5 gems/jewelry, 4 other
  • Individual Items: no coin, 10/10 gems/jewelry, 4 other

The numbers are targets for a d20 roll, with different numbers indicated for c0pper, silver, and gold (listed as "coin") and gems and jewelry; "other" means maps and magic. The basic breakdown is Adventure-class treasures for humans, Cache-class for most monsters, Hoard-class for dragons, and Individual-class for creatures that are unlikely to have piles or containers of coin.

Quantities aren't listed yet. I haven't worked out how, yet, but DMs can created new treasure types by altering the quantities or probabilities of one kind of treasure in exchange for another kind. The quantities and probabilities will also be altered by rough monster level. For example, the Dungeon Cache type is for a stronger creature than the Basic Cache, so there's a slightly higher chance of a magic item and more magic items in the cache, if found; the Elven Cache has an even higher chance, and one more magic item than the Dungeon Cache.

The listed types will still follow the rule that, if a monster in a published module or source book is listed with a letter for treasure type, you use the Liber Zero treasure type that starts with that letter: Dungeon Cache for Treasure Type D, Elven Cache for Treasure Type E, Fiendish Cache for Treasure Type F. Type G will be a Gold Cache instead of Gold-rich Hoard, as previously stated.

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