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Monday, January 10, 2011

Clone Project:Treasure Table II, Fixed

Here's what I now have for Treasure Table II (used for monster-specific dungeons or wilderness encounters.)
Varieties       Avg   Cache   Hoard   Items  Notes
-----------  ------  ------  ------  ------  ------------------
copper coin       5      10       5       -  roll <= target number
                                             on d20 for each variety
                                             to check if present
silver coin       6       5      10       -  1d6 x 1000 coins of
                                             each variety found
gold coin         7       5      15       -  1d6 x 10,000 coins of
                                             gold if found in hoard
gem and          10       5       5      10  
other item    8 for   2 for   4 for   4 for  d20 <= 15 = map, 
              Any 3   Any 2   Any 4   Any 1  d20 > 15 = magic item
                              +P, S          P=potion S=scroll
                                             otherwise, roll for
                                             magic item type

(Man, the things you have to do to get Blogger to display tables in a vaguely correct format...)

There will be tables listing sub-types for the Avg (Average Trove) and Cache types, which will allow approximation of the original treasure types. There will be a couple extra sub-types on each table. However, I'm thinking of reserving these tables for the main text and only putting this and Treasure Table I into the cheat sheets.


  1. Try to simply copy-paste tables from Word/OOffice/Pages/whatever you are using to write ;)

  2. Copying tables from a word processor app to Blogger never really works: the tables don't format right, unless you go in and tweak CSS manually for a couple hours. Especially if you have more than two or three columns... and plain text -- which is what I write in -- won't stay pre-formatted inside <pre> tags; Blogger ignores the lf-cr and puts everything on one big long line.

    What I had to do to get that table was wrap each individual line in separate <pre> tags.

  3. Why not create a graphic version of the table instead of text-only?

  4. I've seen other people (like Alexis of Tao of D&D) do that, but I'm not convinced I like it, since it makes the text uncopiable.