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Friday, March 11, 2011

Haut Elf Chic and the OSR

haut elf chicFor some reason, everyone's talking about "haut elf chic" lately. Now, I don't know much about the fashion world, but I don't think models have been donning elf-ears in Paris or Milan, even if they are already simultaneously waifish and haughty, which is two-thirds of the way there.

There does seem to be elf-chic in the Sims games, Second Life, and other games that allow customized fashions.

This image is from neither. It's an old image I found on a blog discussing a rumored World of Warcraft movie.

My blog, in contrast, has nothing to do with the World of Warcraft or any form of haute couture; it's all about traditional role-playing games, specifically old school Dungeons & Dragons. My preference is for the original three booklets from 1974 and retro-clones that are compatible with them, but I've played Holmes Basic and the first edition of AD&D. All old school editions are pretty much compatible, and it's even possible to play a stripped-down version of the editions published by Wizards of the Coast in an old school manner.

There's a whole Old School Renaissance (or Revival) going on right now, with people writing new material for playing in an old way. What is the Old School Renaissance? Lots of things to lots of different people, and not everyone agrees. But somehow, I'm a part of it, and I welcome anyone who wants to join.

If you're new to the old school, check out some of these links, or ones in my sidebar to the left.
And if you're angry about not finding any elf chicks or chic, blame this guy.


  1. That's okay. Finding geomorphs is much more useful then finding hot elf chicks.

  2. Verily, Herb, thou hast said.