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Friday, March 11, 2011


As a follow-up to the haut elf chic post, a brief note on people stumbling upon my blog by accident: like others, I do get some misdirected visitors Googling something entirely different, usually something 3e or 4e-related. It makes me feel a little guilty. Not guilty enough to start playing a new school game, but I do feel for those poor googlers. What I've seen in the past month is:
  • "d&d 3e monster frequency": sorry, folks. I do mark my 0e monsters as Rare, occasionally, but I use frequency more as a guideline for when to increase prices for stuff like manticore's mane, or whether the locals are going to talk about a monster as something they've probably seen or something almost legendary. I don't think an actual frequency breakdown would be all that useful.
  • "d&d 4e finished": not sure what this is about. I thought 4e was already finished, at least in the sense that there are no missing parts. So definitely, I'm not going to be finishing 4e for WotC anytime soon.
Also, I get people searching for "pathos vs. ethos". I did do a post on that, but I'm guessing it's students searching for literary analysis help, not people looking for another axis to add to the alignment system.

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