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Friday, January 6, 2012

Quickie Dice Tool v2.0

Here is the updated version (2.0) of the quickie dice tool, a dice map (aka "drop-dice chart") useful for improvising details during play or for inspiration during prep. Almost all the changes mentioned in the v2.0 planning post are included. Unless I set the print size way too small to be useful, I don't think I can add extra lists; however, I was able to number the rows and columns as planned, which makes it easy to describe how to use the tool.

The right-hand side of the tool now has the six abilities and six item categories. This makes the tool more useful for NPC or found item generation: roll 1d6 interpret as people (horizontal) + highest ability (vertical,) with a result of 5+ on the die indicating the exotic column for people instead of the ordinary one; simultaneously roll 3d4 and interpret each die as material (horizontal) + item category (vertical) to quickly equip the NPC.

The table labeled "Suggested Dice Interpretations" is designed so that you can roll any die (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20) and read a result of 1 from the row labeled "Low" and a max result from the row labeled "High"; intermediate results use the row labeled "Medium". Use whichever column seems appropriate for your current needs.

After I check this version for errors and write up a separate key, I can release the updated dice map.

Edit: Found one error so far. The "Kelp Fields" entry in the Water Features column was accidentally split across two columns, replacing the "Hazy" result that should be in line 8 of the Variety column.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of moving the Variety results to the top left corner of the boxes along the left side of the sheet, making room for a Subterranean Features column in the lists.

Edit 4/18/2012: Link should now point to version 2.2, with even more functionality.

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