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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Combat Modifications

I've seen a couple interest posts over the past week on psionics, such as an alternate psionic system by Cameron DuBeers. It's made me want to go back and fix the psionic system I've worked on periodically in the blog. But since my approach is based on folding psionic combat into standard combat, it might help if I redo my current thoughts on general combat. These are the changes I currently like:
  • 1 + length of bow, in feet = short range, in yards x 10
  • 1/3rd cost of crossbow, in coins = short range, in yards x 10
  • length of melee weapon, in feet = attack bonus
  • melee weapons > 2/3 warrior's height must be used two-handed
  • axe, flail/chain: +2 vs. shields
  • thrust/missile weapon: -2 vs. shields
  • attacks in Dex order unless surprised or tired/overburdened
  • on first attack, can substitute 3 x melee weapon length for Dex
  • on other attacks, ties go to shortest weapon
  • special weapon/attack effects possible on 5+ damage roll
  • for mixed armor types, use worst armor if surprised, best armor otherwise
  • shields, helms, and weapons used to parry can be sacrificed: "Shields Shall Be Splintered", other items dropped
I think that's everything, other than some stuff about injury, recovery of arrows, etc. The bonus to melee weapons based on length basically act as a simplified weapon vs. AC system with no need for a table. See simple weapon adjustments and the addendum. The best/worst armor rules is the chainmail bikini rule.


  1. 7 foot spears would be +7 to hit and Dex 21 in 1st rnd? Works for skirmishes and largr battles but on 1 vs 1 the longer weapon doesn't always remain an advantage. During my figthing days a single spear/polearm user vs me with sword and shield was dead, 2 a tough fight for me and 3 a loss.

    1. Well, to fight up close with a spear, you'd have to shorten the grip; you'd only get the +7 if you were maximizing your distance. I had something in the weapon attack adjustments post about the adjustment being variable, but I left that out, here. Not sure how to phrase that one. Maybe instead of variable grips, simplify it to half the pole weapon length, but you can maneuver to try to keep an opponent at a distance, possibly eliminating their counterattack?

    2. "During my figthing days a single spear/polearm user vs me with sword and shield was dead"

      Sounds like those spear fighters didn't know what they were doing... What system were they using?

      Spear vs. sword and shield should be a win for the spear, all things being equal.