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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fight On the Road of Kings

An update on the Fight On! situation: According to a thread I linked in a comment on the earlier post, the current issue (#14) was the next-to-last, with #15 scheduled to be the last. In a new forum thread, though, Calithena has confirmed that there's too much material remaining for one issue, so there will be a Fight On! #16, which I think is kind of a good thing because the compilations have generally been for 4 issues at a time, so with a run of 16 issues, you'd have four compilation books.

Not really related to that: I've mentioned before that I hardly ever buy games; I'm pretty frugal. In particular, I almost never buy apps for my tablet. But thanks to Delta's recent blog post, I wound up buying Road of Kings (cost: about three bucks.) This is sort of a computerized clone of Barbarian Prince with expansions. Only played it once so far, but it was fun so far... so I'm recommending it.

Android version on Google Play.
iOS version on iTunes.

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