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Sunday, March 17, 2019

2010 One-Page Dungeon Compendium

So, apparently, I'm in print again.

James Smith's weekly OSR News blog post mentions that the print edition of the One-Page Dungeon Compendium for 2010 is now available from Drive-Thru RPG for 10 bucks, and I'm listed as a contributor. Not sure why it's just now coming out, but there it is.

I'd forgotten about this, so I had to look up what I might have done in 2010 and I see it's The Triune Labyrinth of Insane Mutations. I see also that my PDF link on that blog post is broken, so until I get that fixed, the Compendium is the only way to get that dungeon.

And reading the description, it occurs to me that the "anti-druids" of the Triune Labyrinth may be the early seeds of the Chaos Druids I keep talking about for my own setting.


  1. Here are a couple of links:

    1. Thanks! Verified that the PDF on the first link works!