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Monday, March 1, 2010

Triune Labyrinth

I submitted something to the 2010 One-Page Dungeon Contest: The Triune Labyrinth of Insane Mutations. My design goals for this entry were:
  • A quick, easy-to-use random (and I mean random) monster table; and,
  • A very 3d dungeon, switching levels repeatedly.
I think I hit both those points: 72 possible beasts, and a very mazelike, three-level dungeon, with room for expansion on three sides. Because of the systemless constraints of the contest, no hit dice or levels are indicated, so the mutants need to be improvised from description alone. I'm assuming 2nd or 3rd level for the "anti-druids", 1st for the believers, and 2 to 3 HD for the mutants.

This is probably a pretty dangerous dungeon, intended for characters of at least 3rd level, with plenty of hirelings.


  1. Hi John. Happy Thank a Free RPG Publisher Day! I just wanted to thank you for contributing this module. I used it as the introductory module for my current Skype campaign and it provided many fun sessions. The giant winged killer frogs in room 6 and the engineering feats my players engaged in to get the wine barrel they discovered up to the surface were definitely highlights of the dungeon. Thanks for making this available!

  2. Thanks! I always wondered if anyone ever tried it, or if the twistiness was an enormous turn-off.

    Did they focus on the random wine barrel and ignore the barrels of salt?

  3. Well, they didn't actually clear out the dungeon so they didn't get to the salt barrels, I don't think. They probably moved on because I originally got your dungeon from the One Page Dungeon compilation, so I didn't see your warning that this should have been for 3rd level characters. They decided to check out other areas of the sandbox, for which there really hasn't been much consequence… the Triune Cult really needs to gain some more power since there weren't wiped out…