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Friday, March 22, 2019

World-Building Handouts, Part III: Starting Area

Continuing the player handouts series:
  1. Part I
  2. Part II
(These are in response to a discussion on the handouts list post.)

Kingdoms Factoids
  • Very distant kingdoms include Lesanggio and Deogosika.
  • Somewhat distant kingdoms on the way to the sea: Seraphia, Senanpa, Sofaria, Senalia, Soconia, Tir na Diabhal.
  • Home base is Port Skar along the banks of the Scarlet River where it is joined by the Great Murky River
The first two factoids are only hinted at, mainly on the local map handout. Originally, I only indicated Sofaria and Tir na Diabhal as direction arrows at the edge of the local map and didn’t mention other kingdoms.

In the Nine and Thirty Kingdoms, a kingdom (or barony, duchy, principality) rarely contains more than one city, from which the territory generally takes its name. That city controls several towns, villages, and hamlets.

Local Landmarks Factoids
  • West of the Scarlet River is mostly fields and farmland, while east of the river becomes wild forest and hills.
  • Nearby settlements Norskar, Weskar, Suskar, Arkandia
  • Major landmarks: Devil’s Tower, Ivory Tower, Giant’s Causeway, Ziggurat of Mammon
  • Nearby points of interest: Jagged Monolith, Mystic Dome, Dark Spiral Chasm
Only the first one of these is a player factoid, but some of the remaining information is on the local map handout.

My original map handout is kind of messy and hard to scan, but I plan on working up a new version with a sample handout collecting the info from this series.

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