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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Summer 2019 To-Do List

Here’s an update on my to-do priority list, with an emphasis on what I should be doing for July through September 2019:
  1. Our Undying Neighbors(undead PDF)
  2. Six to eight small dungeons (pamphlet, one-page, or geomorph.)
  3. Prep for one sizable dungeon, which won’t actually be finished until early next season.
  4. Our Spiritual Neighbors (cleric + ethereal spirits PDF)
  5. Last-Minute Wilderness (wilderness generation PDF)
… Etc. The rest of the list matches the order of my Spring 2019 priority list and I’m unlikely to get even that far along in one season.

As explained elsewhere, I have a lot more to do in the summer and it’s had a negative impact on creative work. Work on Undying Neighbors seemed to be going along pretty fast for a while, then June hit and it almost stopped. My old plan of three large dungeons per season had problems from the start, then tanked comically as I got close to summer.

I’ve improved the workflow on the pamphlet dungeons. Instead of one dungeon every weekend, I want to group all the tasks of the same type. Avoiding switching tasks multiple times may have sped up my process a tiny bit.

Still, I think I should scale back my dungeon work, at least a little, if I want to have a hope of finishing one of the major projects. This is why I changed my blog plans to only two Map Mondays every month, instead of four.

A thing about both the “large dungeon” and Undying Neighbors. Hallowe’en is coming up quick. I haven’t decided what to do for the large dungeon yet, but have several ideas that would thematically fit the month of October, which is why I talked about prepping a large dungeon this summer and finishing it up early to mid October, just in time for Hallowe’en. In the same vein, I’d really like a Hallowe’en release for Undying Neighbors, because it would fit perfectly. Not sure I will make that deadline, but it’s a minor goal.

I’m not going to make any other deadlines for the summer. Already saw how that worked out, so I will try to take that as a lesson and lighten the load.

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