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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Simplified XP Bonus Table

Who wants an experience point table for Liber Zero?

I’ve tinkered with the earned experience before, especially the bonus for primary ability scores. Because who wants to subtract percentages, really? My solution in the past has been to “zero out” the bonuses: instead of -20% for Fighters with a Strength of 6 or less, give Fighters with average Strength a bonus.

That’s the thinking behind this latest version of the XP Bonus Table, which I had to work on … for reasons. This not only assumes that characters with scores of 3 or 4 get no bonus, it also assumes that there is a unified XP advancement table with the magic-using class as the default. All other classes get a bonus. I also included a tweak to the by-the-book bonuses to make the progression smooth.

The table assumes:
  • Standard unit of treasure is 1 coin pouch, or 20 coins. A small bag holds two and a half pouches (50 coins,) while a large sack holds 15 pouches or six bags (300 coins.)
  • Monster experience is per person for a team of four or five adventurers. A smaller team earns double XP, while a solo adventurer earns triple XP.
  • Adventurers who fight a monster that has fewer hit dice or levels than they do earn half XP and no XP bonus. If the adventurer has twice the hit dice or levels that the monster has, they earn no experience.
The monster XP rules are greatly simplified compared to the by-the-book formula (monster level/character level * base XP.) As a result, sometimes characters will earn a little more XP than in OD&D, but a lot of the times they will earn less.

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