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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Archer Class (Hero/Fighter Variant)

Per a conversation on the ODD74 forums, here’s a quick Heroic Class variant: the Archer.

Concept: Warrior specializing in bows, for example Robin Hood (assuming you don’t make Robin a thief.)

Alignment: Any.

XP/HD: As Fighter (Heroic Class.) Primary ability scores are Strength and Dexterity. Use half the lowest score to determine XP bonus.

Saves: As Fighter.

Weapons and Armor: Use any bow or crossbow, dagger, and any armor. Also trained in any weapons purchased when character is created. Shields and weapons can’t be used while using a bow or crossbow, but can be used as a backup after dropping or stowing away the bow.

Abilities: Short range distances for bows and crossbows are doubled. Archers also do bonus damage based on either their Level or half of their best ability score (Strength or Dexterity.) See the table below.

Level    Ability Score    Damage
1-5 3-11    1+1
6 12-13    1+2
7 14-15    1+3
8 16-17    2
9 18    2+1
10    2+2
11    2+3
12    3

Archers can potentially hit creatures that are immune to mundane weapons, even when using mundane bows and arrows, as long as their base archery damage is 2 dice or more. Creatures that can only be struck by +2 magic weapons can be hit if base archery damage is 3 dice.

When not in heavy armor, archers can aim and fire while moving (split move and fire, as an elf.)

Archers can aim and fire into a melee safely. Ordinary bow users have to randomize their targets when firing into a melee, either always or when they miss their attack roll. Archers, however, only randomize their targets on a critical miss (for example, a 1 on 1d20.)

High-level archers can build a stronghold and become a baron, just as fighters do.

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