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Monday, November 4, 2019

October 2019 Blog Maintenance, November Plans

Just noticed that my previous maintenance/todo post mistakenly said it was for September/August instead of September/October. That caused me some problems when I tried to look it up for reference on this maintenance/todo post.

Blog maintenance completed in October:
  • started using blog topic graphic links at the end of map and PDF posts
  • updated links to new dungeon expanders and Liber Zero reference sheets
  • ran tests on the effectiveness of my blog promotion activities… will have more to say on this around New Year’s.
I promised one or two small Map Monday releases and one large one. Wound up doing just the two dungeon expanders. Also promised more LZ reference sheets and delivered two. Still more are on the way.

I did not complete The Assembly of Ill-Formed Flesh, for a variety of reasons, mostly because of other non-blog-related matters. Things get pretty hectic here from time to time.

Plans for November:
  • Two Map Monday releases:
    • one or two small maps, probably pamphlet dungeons.
    • The Assembly of Ill-Formed Flesh, if possible, or a geomorph set, if not.
  • More LZ reference sheets, probably the Hybrid Class and some GM references.
  • Possibly the LZ Player’s Guide, if I get enough of the player references done.

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