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Saturday, February 20, 2010

MegaDungeon: GUAN-1

The next installment of the test megadungeon, GUAN-1: the raiding area. I wanted to include this specifically as a second entrance area; megadungeons should have multiple entrances. Also, since the list of monsters used in the dungeon is getting fleshed out more, I started using a technique mentioned briefly in the training series: using letter labels like "M:Q" directly on the map. I changed the letters for "extraordinary monsters" to lowercase so that I could make a temporary pair of six-letter labels off to the side of the map to act as my 2d6 monster roll. This enabled me to do room stocking rolls while drawing the map in Inkscape: add a label if a monster is indicated, draw a container if it's a monster with treasure, and draw a dotted box on a room floor or cache behind a wall if a hidden treasure is indicated.

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