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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clone Project: Cleric Spell List

The next stage in the potential clone is doing the same thing to Cleric spells that I did to Magic-User spells. The spell category list is a little smaller, because spell use is really a secondary power for clerics (the primary power is turning undead.) Thus, clerics have fewer possible spells.
  • Level 1: cure, detect, protect
  • Level 2: speech, movement, bless
  • Level 3: curse, disease
  • Level 4: create, control, transform, area protect
  • Level 5: death, dispel, divinity
Level adjustments are the same as for MUs, but +2 spell levels instead of +1. Clerics do not have ranged damage spells, and damage to nearby targets (Cause Wounds) is is 1d6+1 for every 3 spell levels, round up. Curative effects use the same dice range for results as damage effects.

Duration and Range are similar to MU spell durations and ranges.

  • stable mental or physical states: open-ended (but no illusions;)
  • passive protection: 12 turns (double MU duration;)
  • unstable, dynamic or unnatural states: 6 turns (half for combat-related spells, +3 turns for spells that prevent combat.)
Spells that "cure" inanimate objects (like Neutralize Poison) last for 1 turn.

  • standard: 12" (no ranged combat spells, 18" for spells that prevent combat;)
  • detection: 9";
  • creation/transformation: 6";
  • utility/control: 3".
"Spells that prevent combat" means Hold Person, but other "pacifist" spells could be researched.

"Area Protect" is listed because Protection from Evil, 10' Radius is 4th level for clerics, despite the fact that clerics are better than magic-users at casting protection spells (duration for the non-area effect version is twice as long as the MU version.)

"Divinity" is here to indicate the direct contact with a higher power expressed by the Commune spell. Other spells that involve contacting otherworldly powers should similarly be 5th -- or higher, if higher-level Cleric spells are allowed.


  1. This is an interesting project you have going on here. I've missed a few installments, but I looke forward to going back and digesting them all.

  2. Thanks! The posts are pretty bulky, because of all the analysis. I try to indent or put in table form the actual conclusions, so you could skim the longer parts, if you want.

    I think within a week or so, I'm going to try a reference sheet, as preparation towards a final document.

  3. Looking forwards to the reference sheets. I don't comment much on these posts (what could I possibly add?) but I always try and read them.