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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As I slog through what I wrote about Liber Zero and compress it to a usable text, I've revisited the discussion about the title of the game and more particularly the subtitle. I originally suggested "The Original Fantasy Adventure Clone", although I have my misgivings about the word "clone". Others have suggested that this might be confusing, suggesting that Liber Zero is somehow being promoted as the first fantasy adventure clone ever created.

To make it clearer and avoid the stigma of the word "clone" (even though that's what it is,) I'm now working with "The Revived Essentials of the Original Fantasy Adventure Game" or perhaps "Revised Essentials" or something like that. I don't want the subtitle to be too long, and I want it to explain what the game actually is, as much as possible, without throwing in too much stuff that is better handled in a short blurb.

I'm also considering "The Essentials of the Original Fantasy Adventure Game, Revived and Revised", if that doesn't seem too confusing.


  1. How about "A Distillation of The Original Fantasy Adventure Game"

  2. "Distillation" was actually one of my first choices.

  3. Isn't it the gaming itself, rather than the game you're trying to capture? If so, "A return to traditional fantasy gaming" might be a a start...

  4. Something to think about is the possible broader meaning and whether it is something you intend. what is the original fantasy adventure game, for example? Rpgr's will probably know you mean D&D 1974, but might not. Anybody else might think chess or snakes and ladders or something. Something more specific along the lines Zornhau suggested might be a clearer way to go.

  5. How about "Essential Fantasy Adventure, Revived and Revised"? Possibly prefaced with "A Game of..."?

    I kind of don't expect people to think "fantasy adventure game" means "chess" or "chutes and ladders".