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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Clone Project: Tasks and Time

Does this make sense as a condensed version of the rules for judging how long an action takes? Is it clear that you should adjust for effort and degree separately? Or that you can increase group size to reduce time?

Tasks and Time

Simple task (moving objects) take 1 person 1 round to complete. Adjust as follows:



Degree of Change



3 people


3 rounds


10 people


5 rounds

Smash Down Door: 3 people, 3 rounds

With Battering Ram: 9 people, 1 round


  1. Just looks confusing, I'm afraid!

    Why not simply list "person rounds" for common tasks, e.g. batter down door, 9.

    If you want to be more specific, you could add a column for "max number of people who can help effectively" and another for who many extra people can add a 50% of a person.

    So, bash down door: 9 /2/ 2

    Takes one man 9 rounds to knock down a door. With a buddy, he can get a rythm going, taking it in turns to kick or shoulder, and do it in 4.5 rounds. 2 more people would mean the whole thing could be done in 3 rounds. However, any more helpers would just get in the way.

  2. So it is a simple chart that is to give the DM a ballpark idea for how long it will take for a set number of people accomplish a set amount of change. Should there be a top row that is:

    Simple | 1 Person | Minor | 1 Round

    Is this a matrix with 3 axis?

  3. @zornhau: Basically, we *are* talking about "person-rounds", but I wouldn't want a list of specific tasks, just a couple examples. As Jed suggests, it's the guidelines that enable a GM to set manpower and time requirements for various tasks. It can't just be expressed in "person-rounds", though, because some tasks have a minimum number of people needed (unstepping a mast on a galley) and some have a minimum time.

    I'm talking just about translating what's in the LBBs, here. There are a couple tasks described in the LBBs which I used to derive that table from, but there aren't any guidelines given for maximum number of people who can help, so I'll just leave that out.

    Thanks, guys. I have some ideas for trying to make this clearer.