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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clone Project: Simplified Spells I

Finally got around to simplifying the lists for creating spells for customized spell lists. I'm still looking at condensing the ranges, durations and limits on spells, but at least now it should be pretty easy to set a spell's level based on its description.

The basic assumption is that magic violates reality in some way, and the number of ways it violates reality, or the number of features a spell has, equals the spell level. Some spells have "upgraded" versions, which mainly just take advantage of higher limits linked to higher spell ranges. However, certain spells have a minimum level depending on the spell type and the caster's class.

Each class has at least one broad type of spell that's excluded, impossible for that class. Clerics have two excluded spell types and can't cast spells of the highest level. Variant spell lists can be created by changing the excluded spell type(s) and swapping two types on the spell list, but they should have one or more other features of their spell casting to make them distinctive.

M-U Spell Types

Exclude: Cure
  • Level 1: communication
  • Level 2: control
  • Level 3: dispel, damage
  • Level 4: create
  • Level 5: conjure, soul
  • Level 6: death, large-scale change

Cleric Spell Types

Exclude: Ranged Damage, Illusion
  • Level 1: cure
  • Level 2: communication
  • Level 3: curse, disease
  • Level 4: create, control
  • Level 5: dispel, death

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