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Monday, March 7, 2011

Geomorph S12: Chessboard

It's a cliché probably every budding GM has tried: the room with a checkerboard tile pattern on the floor, sometimes with warlike statues standing on some of the squares. It may just be a design on the floor, or perhaps the adventurers must move from tile to tile in a specific way to avoid something bad happening. Perhaps the statues come to life. Perhaps a monster is summoned. Or perhaps it's an ordinary room, and the statues were once part of a display. Or maybe the lair of a medusa or basilisk is nearby. Perhaps, in the tradition of Nethack, one of the statues has a treasure inside that can only be accessed if the statue is broken.

Oh, and just for fun, one of the geomorph entrances has a false door. That will probably annoy your players for a while...

S12, believe it or not, was one of the ideas I had when I first decided I wanted to do feature-based geomorphs; it just took me awhile to get decent-looking statues in warrior poses to make that idea a reality. Another inspiration for this whole project was the idea of some traps and machinery, which I think I'm ready to do next on the G-series geomorphs. I think 12 geomorphs is about all the S-series needs, although the ES-series border pieces need about 5 more to be complete.

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