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Monday, March 7, 2011

Weather Magic

More on the weather-worker class. First, I neglected to mention that they use the cleric experience and hit dice charts and saves. Also, the (simplified) level titles are Wind-Whistler (fledgling,) Rain-Maker (around 4th/5th level) and Weather-Master (8th/9th level.) Other unique titles can be created as needed from various weather effects.

I also forgot to mention that, if using the open-ended "cast as many spells as desired, but they are only successful on a Friendly/Good reaction or better" rule, I'd apply it to clerics as well, and I'd also recommend a reaction penalty equal to spell level if either class petitions the spirits more times in an hour than their hit dice, double penalty if it's all in the space of a single turn.

Spells are created using the same approach I described in the simplified spells post: look up the minimum spell level, add 1 level for each additional effect or twist. All weather-worker spells must use wind or weather to create their effects, so although there are some spells that duplicate what you'd think of as "non-weather related," other effects like Cure or Charm Person are completely outside their ability to cast. Minimum levels are:
  1. Wind/Air Effects
  2. Precipitation, Unusual
  3. Temperature
  4. Wide-Area
  5. Unnatural
  6. Conjuration
If the spell matches two categories, use the highest level, or add 1 level if both categories are the same level. "Unusual" covers both the rarer weather effects (whirlwind, St. Elmo's fire) and small-scale manipulations, like using air currents to move items (knocking keys off the table and blowing them towards your jail cell.) "Unnatural" is where you start getting into really weird weather effects, like poisonous fog or rains of fish or small frogs.

The spell stats are pretty standard, per the approach given here for magic-user and cleric spells. Damage is:
  • 1d6 if incidental (hail, Wall of Ice)
  • 1d6/caster level if ranged (Cone of Cold)
Duration is:
  • open-ended for Stable State (i.e. most natural weather)
  • open-ended but requires concentration for conjurations
  • 12 turns for Passive Protection
  • 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level for other spells.
Range is:
  • 6" for conjuration or transformation
  • 9" for small-scale detection, but abstract for large-scale, measured in "areas" per spell level (potentially miles)
  • 12" for most spells
Limits are:
  • 24" for 1st to 4th level spells
  • 36" for 5th level spells
  • 48" for 6th level spells
  • 1 HD/spell level for creatures affected aggressively, x 1.5 for 4th & 5th level, x 2 for 6th level
I should write up a list of sample spells next. And, in response to BlUsKrEEm's comment: yeah, I've considered this as a possible Fight On! article, although I think they're looking for mutation-related stuff for the next issue...


  1. Okay, when all this is done, I'm hoping you'll compile it all in a single document for download. Hell, I'll even host it if you want.

  2. There will be one, but when/where/how is still to be determined. It will eventually be a part of a Liber Zero companion I am now calling Liber Blanc.

    Weather-worker spells written and scheduled for tomorrow.