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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sample Weather-Worker Spells

Level 1

Predict Weather
- Not the Supplement III Druid spell, but instead an extension of the weather-worker's basic ability. Predicts weather in the local area for the next time period and beyond: roll a number of weather reaction rolls in advance equal to the character's hit dice.

Protection from Wind - creates a small pocket of calm 1" around the caster, useful for aiding fire-starting, pouring powders, or other delicate operations. Duration: 12 turns.

Raise/Still Wind - instead of merely directing the wind, the weather-worker increases or its force; the reaction roll when casting the spell determines the degree of potential change; the wind doesn't become fiercer than the caster wishes, however, except perhaps on a Very Hostile reaction. Duration: 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level.

Find Air Elemental - locates air elementals, if any are nearby. Range: 24".

2nd Level

St. Elmo's Fire - creates a hissing electrical glow around an object, radiating light in a 2" radius. Not as bright as a torch or a Light spell, but still usable for exploration. Duration: 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level. Range: 24".

Whirlwind - creates a mini-tornado that can "attack" as a 2 HD creature. It does no damage, but can stun animals, humans and monsters of 2 HD or less; it can also pick up and move small objects. Lasts while caster maintains concentration.

Summon/Dismiss Rain or Snow - causes one cloud above the target to either produce rain or other seasonally-appropriate precipitation, or to halt precipitation. Radius 2", lasts until next weather change.

Summon/Dismiss Fog - creates an obscuring fog 2" in diameter, or dismisses a small area of fog, gas, or smoke. Effects last 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level. Range: 24".

3rd Level

Cone of Cold - You know the drill... 1 die damage/level, 24" range.

Warmth - creates a 3" diameter warm pocket that can protect against chill or reduce the effects of severe cold. Duration: 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level.

Air Bubble - creates an air pocket that moves with the caster or other target up to 6" away, even when submerged in water. Duration: 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level.

4th Level

Call/Dismiss Rain or Snow - changes the natural precipitation level in the local area until the next weather change. Similar wide-area spells are Call Lightning, Heat Wave, Big Chill, Call/Dismiss Winds, or Clear Skies/Cloudy Skies.

5th Level

Fog of Death - 5" radius poisonous cloud that can move slowly up to 36" away from the caster. Range: 6". Duration: concentration.

Fortean Precipitation I - causes a rain of small, 1hp animals (tiny frogs, guppies, beetles) for 1d6+2 turns + 1 turn/caster level. Might cause morale failures or provide a temporary food source.

Summon Tornado - a really big but uncontrolled whirlwind that attacks as an 8 HD creature and lasts as long as the caster concentrates.

6th Level

Fortean Precipitation II - causes a rain of fish or other d6/2 HD animals such as mice. Anyone caught in this "rainfall" risks taking damage every turn. Otherwise, like Fortean Precipitation I. Animals are still alive after landing, but fish or other aquatic animals will die quickly.

Fortean Precipitation III - like Fortean Precipitation I and II, but causes a fall of organic material, like sawdust, pollen, cotton, wool. Material is in strands or particles and may have unusual uses; however, the type of material is restricted to what might be found in significant quantities in a warehouse -- no rain of snake venom.

Conjure Air Elemental - calls a 16 HD air elemental that follows the caster's directions unless concentration is broken. Unlike magic-users, weather-workers get a reaction roll at -6, plus their class bonus, to determine the behavior of uncontrolled air elementals.

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