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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Geomorphs: Guardian Statues

Two more end pieces or borders in the ES-series of geomorphs. ES4 actually could almost count as a barrier: two statues of warriors wielding poleaxes, with the weapons extended and crossed. If you consider the weapons as being held high, the explorers can walk under them -- and possibly will be caught in a trap. If the blades are held low, the explorers could still conceivably pass through, perhaps crawling, perhaps scrambling over, or perhaps just cutting through the shafts, assuming these are real polearms held by statues. There's also another unconnected tunnel that crosses under this set of passageways.

The second end piece, ES5, has only one statue of a spearman, stuck into an alcove where a corridor makes a right-hand turn. There's a secret door nearby; perhaps the trigger is part of the statue (turn the spear, push the statue back.) Or perhaps the statue is magically activated by opening the secret door.

One more ES-series geomorph to go...

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