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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Make an Assessment!

Nope, not an Old Greg post...

In the post on Noösians, Porky made this comment:

The way you work with mechanics is an inspiration.
Thanks! I'm grateful for the praise, and I'm certainly pleased with my own work (sometimes,) but it makes me wonder: what do people think is the best part of my work? Not your favorite articles, but the techniques or approaches I use. What do you want to see more of? When I write up some rules that you like, what is it that's different from other rules on the same subject?

It'll help me focus more on what's actually going to be useful to people.


  1. I personally like your approach for different dice techniques, or how to use them to assist with rulings, and your take on characters. What would I like to see more of? Examples of your mechanical suggestions (example write ups of your character classes / races, etc.)

    Love what you do by the way,

  2. I want to see the whole 0E condensation project in one place, at some point.

    I really dug the weather as reaction stuff.

  3. @The Bane: There may be more "class" activity next month, as I gear up to working on Liber Blanc.

    @Roger: That goes without saying. Liber Zero must eventually appear.

    Did you like the weather reaction stuff because it reused existing material (standard reaction rolls?) Or because it was easy to remember? Or because it packed a lot of variation into a simple roll? Or something else?