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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Structure Rolls

When I talked about rolling dice on the Chamber Generator map to make a dungeon, my assumption is that rooms are basically all squares and rectangles, adjusted as you see fit. But I have a couple ideas on how to make unusual room shapes using the dice map as well. One is to make "structure rolls" on the map for 1 to 4 special rooms on a level. It's a 3d6 roll, but the Chamber Generator regions take on different meanings:
  • dice that land in the Doors and Exits region indicate modifications to the wall (Collapsed, Excavated, Jagged, Fall-off, Ledge, Slanted)
  • dice that land in the Features region indicate modifications to the floor or internal room structure (Columns, Depression/Well, Tiers/Terraces, Obstacles, Lump, Slope)
  • dice that land in the Objects region (center) indicate modifications to the ceiling (Crossbeams, Dome, Jagged, Open, Vent, Slope)
The six options in parentheses after each item are the interpretations for each die value. Thus, a roll of 2 that lands in the center means the room has a domed or vaulted ceiling. You can probably figure out the meaning of the names without any help, but I'll be doing a follow-up of some kind, perhaps with illustrations.

For dice that land anywhere except in the Doors and Exits region, you can use the letter codes for additional details, in the standard Random Random Table approach. For example, if a roll of D2 shows up as a (Floor) Feature, the dip or depressed area of the floor can be filled with water; L2 might indicate lava instead. An S5 roll in the center (ceiling feature) might indicate that sewage drips/pours from open vents.

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