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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zeroing Out Liber Zero

I'm considering some possible changes to the universal value table from the last post. First, I'll mention something about the current experience rules, which I haven't posted: I created a shared experience table based on 3,000 xp for Level 2, doubling every level thereafter until about name level; yes, that's higher than even LBB Magic-Users, but you'll see why in a bit. I also created a table of XP bonuses by class and level, derived from my last XP post, but modified in places. So, for example, a Magic-User up to 5th level earns straight XP, but Fighters of the same level earn +40 XP per hit die.

There's also another table of XP bonuses, but by class and prime ability score. Nothing new about that, except that all of the entries are bonuses. That's why the experience table was changed to a 3,000 XP standard: it's not only distinct and non-infringing, but it is also based on the LBB Magic-User XP plus the extra XP needed if that M-U has an Intelligence of 3. In other words, I've changed the experience tables so that they are zeroed out for the lowest possible values and all XP modifiers are expressed as positive bonuses.

What does this have to do with the universal value table? What I'm thinking of doing is changing the modifiers there to 0 at XLo, +3 at Normal level, and +6 at XHi and adjusting a few other numbers accordingly. The net result would be the same, but it would be distinct from the original tables and would make some adjusted bonuses easier to describe (Dex missile bonus would be 1/3 of the result in the Mods column, for example.) Also, I think new players and cross-overs from new school games will feel better about randomly rolled low ability scores if there's no penalty for having a 3; it gives them something to yearn for, rather than something to be ashamed of.

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