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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fight On! #12 Reviews: Treasure Types

I had actually seen Simon Bull's "Treasure Types" somewhere (His blog? OD&D74 forums?) But I wasn't too interested in it, because I prefer the simpler standard treasure types. It seems like it would be a lot of work to define types for each monster, which would be particularly onerous if you're making up a lot of new monsters, whereas with the standard system I can just use types A, B, H, and I for everything if I'm feeling lazy.

But after reading the article he wrote for Fight On! #12, I feel that his system might work really well for defining room types and furnishings in dungeons or ruins: when designing a level, select the letters for several categories for things you'd expect to find there, either now or in its heyday. Then think of three to five generic room types, like "storeroom" or "culinary", that would be appropriate for the level concept; create a six-letter treasure type string for each room type, using the letter codes for expected treasure and furnishing, but always including at least one zilch. Now, when stocking the room, you can just roll the 6d6 for each room and interpret it according to the generic room type, which helps define how storeroom #21 is different than storerooms #19 or #23.

I even have a vague idea on randomly generating generic room types and treasure codes using the Random Random Table. I may try this in the near future...

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