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Friday, January 6, 2012

Quickie Dice Tool v 2.1

Just a quick post to let anyone who downloaded the Quickie Dice Tool that I updated it to v2.1, so you may want to download it again. This includes the correction to the list of Variety modifiers, which has been relocated to the left edge, and the addition of a Labyrinth column, for subterranean features. Also, I corrected some minor layout issues, including some problems with borders.

The underworld features focus on broad structural effects:

  1. Cavern: A rough, natural cave system of some kind.
  2. Exit: Stairs, an upward ramp, or some other connection to either the outside or another area.
  3. Tomb: An enclosure for the dead, or possibly for a monster that has been deliberately entombed.
  4. Quarry: Any excavated area, either a mine or construction in progress.
  5. Vault: Any large chamber or network of chambers designed to protect contents.
  6. Sewer: Abandoned, or in service, wet or dry; possibly originally a canal system, rather than a sewer, but now filthy.
  7. Maze: Twisty passages, all alike. This may be a simple network of tunnels with confusing branches, or it may be large and sprawling.
  8. Hole: A pit straight down, optionally with a ladder or spiral staircase leading to another level.
  9. Gate: Some kind of entryway, perhaps with a portcullis, double doors, or other blockable portal.
  10. Rubble: A collapsed room or tunnel. If adventurers can get past the blockage, they may find other features.


  1. Is 2.1 the same file? The only link I can find saves as quickie-drop-v20.pdf.

  2. @Brendan: I think Google Docs treats them as the same file, but a different version. If the file you downloaded has a Labyrinth column in the lists in the middle of the sheet, it's version 2.1.