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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Hunter

The ranger has always been a problematic class for me, but I decided I might as well do a ranger equivalent that fits the class construction rules I posted a while back. I kind of need it for a future discussion, anyways.

Concept: Stoic loner, scout, or mountain man with tons of experience in the wilderness. Like Strider, but more like Daniel Boone or Natty Bumpo. A stripped-down ranger without all the baggage that class has accrued.

Alignment: Any. I thought about making it "any non-Chaos", but there seems to be no reason for this rule other than "Aragorn was good."

XP/HD: Fighter experience, but Cleric HD progression.

Weaponry and Armor: No pole arms, light/leather armor only.

Abilities: Stealth in the wilderness (stalking, ambush, and camouflage, as well as detection of the same) and trapping/woodcraft. Basically, thief skills excluding the surprise attack damage bonus, but reskinned as woodland skills.

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