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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hockenchester and Other Towns

Another example of using the random name trick: roll 3d20 and 1d6, as described, but the first three dice results, read left to right, are the first syllable of a village or country name, or an abbreviation for a an English word (or word in another language, if you prefer.) If you can't think of a word with those three letters together in a cluster, try splitting two of the consonants to make two words or abbreviations. Or, insert any other letters desired.

The last die result is interpreted as the first letter of an appropriate suffix. You might want separate lists of suffixes for villages, countries, or any other kinds of names you want to generate, or you can just improvise a suffix that begins with the given letter and also fits the geographical feature being named. For example, here's a list of generic vaguely-English fantasy town name suffixes, in alphabetical order:
(Yes, I had to get creative with a couple of these.)

So, the roll in the previous post that produced "Sybad the Barbarian" would have produced a town name like "Sybildon" or "Sayberdoon".

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