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Friday, March 1, 2013

Last-Minute Hexcrawl: Demo Map I

I wanted to do a demo map for the Last-Minute Hexcrawl procedure as it now stands, in the same style as the other demo maps I did when I reviewed other random hex map procedures. I did an entire sample terrain, but since I wanted to do a map with the same number of hexes as the other demos, some of the generated details aren't visible on this demo.

The primary terrain is semi-arid scrub lands in a subtropical, sealevel area, but there's a nice grasslands terrain blob near the center, which dominants this tiny excerpt. To the northwest is a plateau. Arrows point to significant off-map features. The central political territory is a 2-hex diameter principality; it's hard to see at this scale, but there are three road "stubs" heading out from the central town/city. A river cascades off the plateau to the north, passes through the principality, and then turns seaward.

As an experiment, I tried using 6d6 instead of 4d6 for the terrain blobs. The effect isn't visible in this map, but it does provide a little more variety, at the cost of more clutter. I think 4d6 was the proper choice.

I will be drawing the barony scale and local scale maps in a different style. Since those will be a bit larger, they would be extremely tedious to do in AutoREALM using the style I used for the other demo maps.

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