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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hex Sheet Specfile

People seemed to like the tilted coordinates for the hex sheet I posted earlier. Below is the specfile I used with mkhexgrid to get the small hexes with the tilted coordinates. I'm not actually sure they are half-inch hexes, I just assumed "100 pixels per inch, therefore make hexes 50 pixels high." They seem to be about right, though.

mkhexgrid places the coordinates relative to the center of the hex using distance from the center in pixels and direction (bearing) relative to "due east". Bearing 90 degrees is the top of the hex. With half-inch, 50 pixels high hexes, 16 pixel coord-distance is a smidge more than an eighth of an inch from the center, and the 150 degree coord-bearing means the coordinate is aligned with the hex face to the left (counter-clockwise) of the top of the hex. To change the tilt of the text itself, I set coord-tilt to 60 degrees (measured counterclockwise from the horizontal.)

# specfile for .5in hexes

output = svg
hex-height = 50px
image-margin = 50px
image-width = 850px
image-height = 1100px
rows = 18
grid-color = 0808FF
grid-thickness = 1px
grid-grain = v
coord-color = 0808FF
coord-format = "%02c%02r"
coord-font = Courier
coord-size = 8px
coord-bearing = 150
coord-distance = 16px 
coord-tilt = 60
center-style = n

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