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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Connecting Tunnels II

The connecting tunnels post was useful for creating a basic connection between two dungeons, including minimal description. But you could get more variation if you used a second roll, based on an updated version of the ruined tunnels table using ideas I tossed around for more detailed reaction rolls.

Roll d4+d8 for each stage of a connecting tunnel to determine its character. The d4 result by itself determines an "elemental modifier":
  1. Earthy: Dirt or Rock Debris (slows pace) or Blockage (must be dug out.)
  2. Watery: Leakage (slippery, slows pace) or Flooded. Water source is safe to drink on 5+ (1d6.)
  3. Airy: Gusty (torches burn half as long) or Windy Ledge along canyon (fall on 5+ if moving at full speed.)
  4. Fiery: Lit (glowing fungus) or blocked by Magma Pool.
Use the first option unless the tunnel is blocked. Blocked tunnels use the second option.

The d4 result is also added to the d8 result and used with the following table:
Random Tunnel Details
d4+d8Tunnel Description
1Ruined Tunnel, blocked by horror (Earthy = purple worm, Watery = sea serpent, Airy = invisible stalker, Fiery = efreet.) Deduct -1 from any further tunnel rolls.
2Collapsed/Blocked Tunnel. Can be cleared (change to result 3, below.)
3Ruined Tunnel w/ debris and chance of cave-in (6+ on 1d6, one roll per day.) Fiery tunnels are Scorching (running or armored characters roll 5+ on 1d6 every hour or lose 1 hit. -1 if running in armor.)
4-5Ruined w/ debris, no cave-in chance unless digging.
6-8Abandoned Tunnel, possibly being reclaimed.
9-10In Good Condition. Earthy = mine cart/tracks, Watery = barge/canal.
11As for Good Condition, above, but Airy has a one-way sail-driven wagon.
12Good Condition and Patrolled. Earthy patrols are a mining race; assign others as desired.
13+Magical or High-Tech version of Good Condition (steam-powered train system or steamship, balloon able to travel either direction, or electric vehicle.) Add +1 to any further tunnel rolls.

Of course, some of the results above are only possible with modifiers to the roll. Subtract 1 for a cursed or evil area, or for every 10 full levels deep. Add 1 for blessed/sacred areas. Results of 1 or less, or 13+, modify rolls for the next stage of a tunnel, as well as for the destination or any tunnel connected to the destination.