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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hat Sketch

I'm not an artist. I'm more like a cartoonist. But I haven't even done that for a while.
So I've been wanting to work on that, maybe for some illustrations in the free stuff I plan on putting up on the site.

So I bought some stuff to try out. Except I've discovered that "liquid pencils" really aren't very good. They aren't very consistent and seem to fail to make any kind of mark at all some of the time. I mean, the technique on this sketch isn't very good, but I think you can tell it's not just the artist who is at fault.


  1. I like it. It looks like the hat is flying on a wand! Great sketch.

  2. Yeah, I would say it's pretty decent. The sort of drawing one might find in old school gaming materials or magazines. I do understand about being more of a cartoonist - that's where my skills, such as they are, seem to lie, too. Keep practicing! I try to draw at least one page of doodles/sketches/cartoon thingies in my sketchbooks each day.

  3. I was disappointed with the liquid pencils, my self. When I draw, and I am out of practice myself, I use mechanical pencils. I had hoped that the liquid thing would be like mixing pencil and ink's best properties.

    1. I was mainly hoping just that the lead wouldn't break, which is technically true, but the fact that they only work intermittently means they are no better than mechanical pencils.