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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lazier Ammo

I thought a little bit more about tracking ammo for missile weapons, and although the way I described was pretty lazy, it’s not lazy enough. Here’s my improvement: instead of rolling for how many shots we used, we roll for how many we lost. Per the previous post, we use 1d6 arrows or other missiles per attack roll and can recover up to half. Every time the players make a roll, set aside 1d6 (no point in tracking each individual player’s attacks, just track how many rounds of missile fire occured.)

At the end of the combat, roll the dice you’ve set aside, once for each player.
  • Did the player skip recovering arrows from some reason, such as fleeing from a monster? The number rolled is the number of arrows lost.
  • Did the player have plenty of time to recover arrows? Halve the number rolled.
  • Did the player recover arrows in a rush? Drop the lowest die rolled and total the rest for arrows lost.
If one or more players didn’t fire as many rounds, you can drop a die or two before rolliing.

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  1. Lazier yet - use the d6 damage roll itself for the number of arrows lost. (this presumes one minute rounds I suppose...)

    1. That would work to reduce the number of dice rolled, but my goal here is to reduce the amount of tallying and changing numbers. If you use the damage rolled as arrows fired, you have to record the number every round. My goal is to roll all the dice once at the end of combat and record any changes then.

  2. Laziest.
    Flip coin.
    Heads - you have an arrow.
    Tails - you don't have an arrow.

  3. Yo Talysman, wake up. There's a new Blogfest going on; this one promises to be 35% more insipid than anything we've seen yet.

    1. A new blogfest? On what?

      I did see some kind of blogfest for the Warhammer fans. I'm not a minis/Warhammer person, so I didn't pay much attention.