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Thursday, October 18, 2018

A List of Projects Past and Future

Been working on a non-D&D project that actually involves my D&D monsters, so I’ve been looking at some of my old material. I had some pretty interesting ones! And that has reminded me that I really need to get back to work on various unfinished projects here. Seems like a good time to put together a road map of what I need to do.
  1. A rewrite of Our Infernal Neighbors, with added illustrations and better layout.
  2. Complete the undead equivalent of Our Infernal Neighbors, covering undead ranks and advancement as well as new undead types. Thinking of renaming this PDF Our Undying Neighbors, because Ranks of the Undead sounds bland.
  3. Complete the third “Neighbors” book covering Godlings. This will probably also cover a lot of details about astral travel, for various reasons.
  4. Do something more with Clerics Without Spells, since it was my most popular post of all time. May include a lot of material about ethereal travel as well, for various other reasons.
  5. Rewrite and consolidate my wilderness hexcrawl rules, possibly folding the subhex wilderness rules into this as well as a variant.
  6. Expand Let’Em Pick to cover both ability scores and classes, perhaps folding in material about the Talent class and its variants (tinkers, apothecaries, etc.)
  7. Compile and expand all the material derived from Bribe, Craft, Train and the research rules.
  8. Turn Liber Zero into whatever it’s supposed to be.
  9. Possibly redo and expand my geomorphs.
There’s a lot of other material I could work on as well, but these seem to be the most pressing unfinished projects. The above is more or less the priority (work on Our Infernal Neighbors and the rest of the Neighbors PDFs first, then the rest.) But if anyone would rather see something else moved up in priority, let me know.

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