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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Green Bard of the Twisted Wood PDF

Finally finished April's big dungeon, Green Bard of the Twisted Wood. It's 26 pages long, with five maps, six new monsters, a couple of my older monsters updated to my current monster making rules... and boy, did it kick my butt. Took the entire month, really. There were a couple times I tried to finish this over a weekend, realized I wouldn't be ready by Map Monday, and had to do a different map instead.

Lessons learned:

  • I probably shouldn't do multi-map modules with a one-month deadline. Especially of those maps are all for a single sprawling level, with precisely positioned corridors. One theme of this map is that there is a choice between multiple paths, and those paths take you all around the perimeter of the level, twisting and intertwining around each other, so I had to check over and over to make sure I knew which path was which.
  • I also had to make a tiny version of the entire dungeon, to use as a diagram showing where each map was in relation to the full dungeon. Lining everything up, copying, filling, and shrinking that diagram took a while.
  • I used a new set of monster-maker tables I'm working on to stat up monsters for this adventure, and I think I need to do more work on it.
  • I did learn a lot more about what I can do in Inkscape, including some tricks I used for the illustrations.
There's a lot more I could have (should have) done with formatting, and I did not run spell-check, so I'm sure there are typos galore. But at the moment, I'm kind of proud of it. I'm sure I'll be less pleased tomorrow.

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