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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Improved Hunting and Foraging

I noticed a couple hits on a couple old blog posts about hunting and foraging. Since I’ve been thinking about the Last-Minute Wilderness as one of the four projects to work on this spring, I thought: “Oh, yeah, I could include an update to those rules in LMW.”

They’d need a rewrite, of course. They wouldn’t be “Simple Hunting and Foraging” anymore, although they’d still be simple enough. I’m thinking of tying it to the Territory Table, which you may remember looks sort of like this:

d10 Scale Climate Elevation Biome
7-9 Arctic Treeline V. Arid
6 Subarctic 5k feet Arid
5 Cool 2.5k ft Scrub
4 Temperate 1.2k ft Prairie
3 Warm 600 feet Lt. Woods
2 Subtropic Low Forest
0-1 Tropic Sealevel Jungle

The important columns for hunting and foraging for food are Elevation and Biome. Each locale is going to have a 0-9 rating in each. Higher ratings are bad for finding food, lower ratings are better. Use one of the two scores to determine the base time needed to find food or game.

Score Time Period
0 1 Turn
1-2 1 Hour
3-4 4 Hours
5-6 1 Day
7+ 1 Week

An experienced hunter with knowledge of the area, or a barbarian, druid, or ranger, shifts the time up one row. So does searching for small game, or having an Int or Wis score of 16+. Searching for large game, not having a minimum score of 6+ in either Int or Wis, or being cursed all shift the time down one row. This indicates the minimum time needed to find food or game.

The modified procedure is to roll 1d6 once, secretly. On a 5+, the PCs find food or game. Otherwise, the roll indicates how many extra time periods it will take to find food or game. The GM asks the players how long they want to keep hunting or foraging, and if they continue long enough, they succeed.

So, someone searching for food in the jungle will find it in 1 to 5 turns, while someone searching for food in the subarctic will take 1 to 5 days. Having someone with the right training in your party, or changing tactics, may help a lot.

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